Orange launch netbook with built in 3G

November 10th, 2008 Tags: , , , ,

We’ve covered the Asus Eee PC range many times before, but above is a variant of the 901 with built in 3G support.  Orange will supply this to you for free in exchange for a £25 per month 24 month contract.  The Eee PC 901 comes with Windows, 16Gb of Flash Memory, with (according to Orange) five hours of battery life, an integrated webcam, and features an 8.9″ compact design, weighing in at just 1.1kg.  It’s available in Black or Pink.

It comes with the “Internet Everywhere” tariff, which includes 3GB of data per month (well done to Orange for not using the “unlimited” word) and 100 texts direct from the laptop.

This should be available from the Orange Shop soon, although it was not yet available at the time of writing.


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