Fancy a free SpinVox trial?

October 14th, 2008 Tags: ,

Here at UK Gadgeteer, we are big fans of SpinVox, it’s a very useful voicemail to SMS / email service, and it’s coped with all sorts of bad quality lines, people calling from mobiles walking down windy streets, and even regional dialects.  So, here’s an offer we wanted to tell you about..

There are two important reasons we want to promote this particular SpinVox trial.  Firstly, instead of the usual 1 week trial, this allows you to have access to the SpinVox system for 2 months, which is a nice long time to realise the true benefit of it.  Secondly, at the end of the trial, instead of being charged £5 per month for the first 40 voicemail conversions, it’s actually £5 per calendar month for unlimited conversions (and unlike many network operators, SpinVox mean unlimited).  As part of the trial, SpinVox will also provide you with a BlackBerry application that helps make SpinVox work better on these devices.

Head over to SpinVox BlackBerry trial to sign up, although word on the street is that apart from access to the BlackBerry application, this gives access to the “normal” service, and might work for anyone…


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  1. iPhone User Says:

    I dont have a blackberry and I just signed up with my iPhone.. (I just made sure I put ‘blackberry’ in the device drop down)
    Nice hint/tip UK Gadgeteer!

    Never tried SpinVox before but two months worht of service? YES PELASE!

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