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3UK have kindly provided us with more technical details behind the D100 Router. This is made by Huawei, and we understand it will work with any Huawei USB Mobile Broadband modem, including the original 3 USB Modem, as well as the more recent dongle versions. It won’t, however, work with every USB modem 3 have sold, eg the black and green ZTE modem will not work (by virtue of being made by ZTE, and not Huawei).

As a passing comment, the ZTE modem has now been dropped by 3UK due to limited remaining stock, and the overall move to USB dongles, although it’s still available as one of the 3 Mobile Broadband Starter Kits if you really must have a green and black modem!

After the ethernet port we mentioned last week, the key feature the D100 router has is a built in Li-Ion battery. It’s 950mAh, which is equivalent to many mobile phones, so we would expect this is capable of powering the device for a few hours; this may seem shorter than a mobile phone, but remember it’s got to power the USB modem as well as provide a constant Wi-Fi signal. However, the inclusion of a battery will allow the device to function whilst out and about without necessarily needing a power socket, which has to be a good feature.

The tech specs are:

  • Weight : 200g
  • Size : 110 x 90 x 27
  • Battery : 950mAh (LiP) BST-38
  • Speed : Dependent on modem being connected.
  • WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g
  • UMTS Signal Indication
  • Lion Battery and power indication
  • DC connector and external DC power supply
  • Connector for external USB device (ie the USB Modem)
  • Up to 32 user connected through Wi-Fi
  • Networks : GPRS 900/1800/1900/UMTS 2100


  • White
  • Black

Other Features

  • 1 RJ45 port

3UK have also confirmed it will retail for £69.99 (when buying a new contract), and is available today from the 3Store. It’s half price with the offers we mentioned last week; as well as those taking a new phone *and* Mobile Broadband contract, it appears it will be half price for existing Mobile Broadband customers, although you may need to ring up to get this offer.

We should also state, it is tied to 3, so will not work with Huawei dongles on other networks.

3 are stating this is capable of replacing a home broadband service, and certainly for occasional internet users that is a very possible situation. For those that travel with multiple devices, or even small offices, it could also offer an attractive option.

Update: It appears the tech specs from 3UK themselves may be wrong, and it may not include a battery after all. We’re seeking confirmation from 3UK on this point…

Update: 3UK have confirmed this was an error in the initial technical specs that were sent out, it does not contain a battery and that the tech specs on the 3 website are now correct.  3UK have apologised for the confusion this has caused.


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  1. Paul Weir Says:

    I bought one of these on the basis that it has a Li Ion battery. However, I and it would appear other users, have found no evidence that there is a battery. It only appears to work with the mains plugged in which defeats most of the purpose of a mobile router.
    Can’t find any full documentation from Huawei or Three.


  2. swing Says:

    We were provided with the specs direct from 3UK, as were many other websites. When first released, 3UK’s website listed a battery as well, but that page has now been updated without the battery information. We’re seeking confirmation from 3UK on the specifications.

  3. Three WiFi / 3G Router: Crap : Mobile Industry Review Says:

    […] both in the marketing materials and on Three’s site as having a battery (UK Gadgeteer has the story)…. many sites wrote this up. It doesn’t.  It needs a power supply.  Three have […]

  4. Roland Says:

    For reasons unknown, no mention is made on either the 3 or Huawei websites (or in the ‘3’ marketing literature or on the ‘3’ product packaging) of any Wi-Fi Alliance certification, a rather important omission as it provides certainty over interoperability and functionality provided.

    However, according to the Wi-Fi alliance website the D100 has received the following very important security certification WPA2-Personal
    (see: http://certifications.wi-fi.org/pdf_certificate.php?cid=WFA6120 ).

    Having found this out, I can buy one and use the inbuilt Wi-Fi rather than cable connect it to a certified Wi-Fi router, although I might still do this particularly as this would permit me to use 802.11a …

  5. daniel Says:

    to comment on what paul said in the beginning, it isnt intended to be “mobile”. its the opposite, its to turn ur “mobile” dongle into something you can station at home to share wirelessly. you would have no need to take this anywhere with you as you could just take the dongle :S i must say that through the router the speeds on pc’s connected to it is MUCH faster than just using a pc to share the net via rj45 if u get my drift. if for instance you have a ps3 or 360 the speed will be faster to connecting it to this rather than gettting to the internet through a pc. <- not very well explained but i imagine most of you get me.

  6. Keith Says:

    I have 2 desktops connected to the router via a switch which works very well. The manual does not state anything about this, but you just need to connect the router to the switch, and connect PC to the switch, and connect as many as the modem/router allows (I am sure there is a limit)

  7. Dylan Says:

    Well I was happy till they corrected, maybe the next version has a battery… or I wont be happy.

  8. Dylan Says:

    Ohh I forget…
    Does it have a firewall?
    Because that’s another critical feature.

  9. swing Says:

    I’m not sure it itself has a firewall, but 3 themselves do, so there should be not greater risk that simply attaching a single PC / handset to the network.

  10. numinoR Says:

    I got myself one of these free with the 3 £15 for 15gb/month contract…

    It has a firewall (or at least there is a firewall switch in the control panel), but I don’t know exactly what it does 😛 I also havent found any options for opening ports etc, but have had no problems in any protocols… news://, ftp://, irc:// etc etc

    Seems ok… the main benefit being that if you have wifi built into your laptop/netbook you dont have to have the stupid modem dongle sticking out the side, and also you can get the dongle (and therefore the mobile reciever) into the optimum position more easily.

  11. nem Says:

    do you have to take out a contract or can you buy it on its own thanks

  12. swing Says:

    It can be bought without a contract, but stocks are limited, and it’s not available online at all, so you’ll need to head to a 3Store to see if they still have stock. It doesn’t work with all 3 Modems, especially the current range.

  13. Roland Says:

    The D100 will work with the following 3UK Huawei modems: E220, E156, E160, E169. It does not work with the XTE modems.
    My 3Store was selling the XTE modem, we (the manager and myself) got around this by buying the XTE modem and router together and then doing a modem exchange…

  14. Mike Says:

    Does anyone know why my D100 Router is losing it’s configuration? The first few days were ok but when I have been downloading and say it timed out the router loses it’s configuration settings.

    It seems ok if the download is successful just when there is an error on the download.

    Any help on which settings could prevent this would be apprecaited.

  15. rafiq Says:

    how can i limit users of the wifi? seem that there’s no means to set this up. just plug the dongle, plug the p/s and you’re online.

  16. Kurt Says:

    The D100 has been out for quite some time now, but searching the net for info on its fw/routing abilities is rather disappointing. Was some months ago into a Telco store having them and asked to see manual, and it was some 4-6 page multilingual A5 booklet, not even a real manual. Doesn’t Huawei want to sell this thing?

    Above it is mentioned that there is some FW switch, and thats more than even mentioned at the wiki http://nuwiki.openwrt.org/oldwiki/OpenWrtDocs/Hardware/Huawei/D100 , that actually do have disassembled a D100. Is there no-one having real data on this beast?

    Can one use other Private IP ranges than in the DHCP ? Also, what DNS capability does it have? Can one use a Dynamic DNS with it? Is it only a NAT FW or do it have some for for stateful inspection apps FW? At a size little larger than a smartphone, but with a weight 2-4 times those and no batteries, it is hardly a portable FW, so it should support basic LAN FW functions, so you could place it on a network you have a NAS on, not being afraid of someone reaching it.

    In todays LAN’s, if relying on PCs FW, then Huawei made a huge mistake, particular when Belkin, Netgear and others now comes with standard broadband 3g gateways. Its then far to pricey when compared to those, based on available information.

    Anyone toyed with it, knowing more of its FW/DHCP/DNS capacities? Size is right for me, but the functional limitations makes me reluctant buying.


  17. Gavin Says:


    I work for VHA (ex-H3GA) That’s “3” Australia. The D100 is simply put a simple modem/router peripheral that is designed purely to enable multiple users the access do one single 3 mobile braodband device. If you after a fully decked out high features 3G Router then i suggest you should rethink your decision and spend the extra coin on a as above mentioned “Belkin, Netgear and others “.

    The D100 is purely made as a cheaper allternative for people whoreally don’t want or need the functionality your asking for. This is why the pricing is so different, here it’s AUD $169(D100) vs. AUD $250+(high featured).

    The cost of manufacturing software to suit these extra features would make the modem’s price very similar to those others that as current are not really in direct competition.

    Simply, spend the coin, get what will suit you.

    Cheers, Gav

  18. Biffo Says:

    Can anyone recommend a *non wi-fi* [ie RJ45 cabled] 4 port router, that I can plug my shiny new 3 dongle into?

  19. ken Says:

    will the d100 work with the HUAWEI E585

  20. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    Not sure; probably best to check direct with 3UK.

  21. anthony Says:

    Just bought one @ carboot, can get on the network but no internet. i have a 3G dongle.please can anyone help

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