PocketSurfer 2 now shipping

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PocketSurfer 2

PocketSurfer 2

Having first seen the PocketSurfer2 on the Widget stand at the PocketGPSWorld Expo in Sandown Park earlier this year, it’s nice to see it’s actually shipping. Not just available from Widget and Amazon, it’s even available from Asda Online. Also, it should be available soon in John Lewis stores and Virgin Megastores.

More details in the rest of the article.

The device has it’s own built in SIM card, which then connects to Datawind’s own compression server to serve the web pages as fast as possible. For the £179.99 initial price, you also get 12 months free (UK) Internet access on the device (not unlimited of course, a cap is in place), with a further 12 months being £40 per year. The cap is for 20 hours usage per month, although you can opt to pay a monthly fee of £5.99, which then gives you unlimited access.

As with any mobile phone based solution, roaming abroad is available, although at £14.99/hour (charged in minute intervals) you are going to really need to access those websites before paying out!

Most people are claiming it comes with an Orange SIM card built in, but there are rumours that they are either Orange or T-Mobile SIM cards, and you can only tell the difference by turning the device on (which at least implies it will tell you at that point).

The 640×240 screen and the backlit keyboard should make this device useful.

It includes support for web pages, instant messaging, emails (with attachments), and should give 4 hours battery life (mini USB connector used for recharging). It weighs 174g and it’s dimensions are 152 x 75 x 15 mm.

Most UK Online Banking websites will work fine with it too, allowing you access to your bank accounts wherever you go.

The device also claims to include “GPS location information”, although we’re not aware of any apps that take advantage of this at present.

Current opinion is that the only let down on the device is the keyboard, which for those who can remember that far back, is said to be very poor compared to the likes of the Psion Series 5 keyboard.  Oh, and the lack of sound.

PocketSurfer 2

For a device you can keep for those odd occasions you need to access things, this may well be a useful device. Obviously those with smartphone mobiles with unlimited generous data plans may wonder what the fuss is about, but we predict this device will sell well.


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  1. Pocket Surfer 2 on special offer today… | UK Gadgeteer Website Says:

    […] you are looking for a Pocket Surfer 2 for a Christmas pressie for someone, it’s currently on special offer at Aria, saving a few […]

  2. D Meachum Says:

    Can I use the pocket surfer in hot spots at home and abroad
    without any call charges. Can I use pocket surfer abroad and what would
    the call charges be

  3. swing Says:

    The Pocket Surfer uses Vodafone’s mobile phone network to access the internet, so it can be used anywhere in the UK (up to 30 hours per month; beyond that you’ll need to pay for unlimited browsing at £5.99 per month or a one-off lifetime charge of £59.99). If you want to use it abroad, you need to enable roaming (by speaking to customer services) and then there is a per minute charge.
    If you head to the Pocket Surfer website at http://www.pocketsurfer.co.uk they show where roaming will and won’t work.

  4. internet mad Says:

    I’m already using my T-mobile G1 handset to surf the web, but can I use the Pocket surfer to do stuff like using microsoft windows packages?
    I love internet so much! Its the new must have gadet.

  5. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    No, it’s a proprietary OS so it doesn’t run Windows applications

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